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Sustainable Green Printing

On the Path to Becoming a Leader in Sustainability

We are proud to announce that Auto Trim DESIGN Inc. is now a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) certified facility, the only whole facility sustainability certification program in the graphic communication industry.

This means that we have undergone a 3rd party certification program to ensure that we are in compliance with all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations and are adhering to the publicly vetted set of criteria for best practices in sustainability.

In pursuance of the SGP’s environmental and sustainability practices, we have developed a program to reduce our energy consumption by over 10% within the next few months! As well, we are also working on smaller projects to reduce our carbon footprint while inspiring our community to do the same. We are fully committed to our sustainability project and have assigned a sustainability committee to make sure our goal is reached. Responsibilities of our sustainability committee include:

  • Promoting benefits of sustainability in marketing materials
  • Exhibiting at conferences, local workshops and events
  • Providing tours of the facility
  • Responding to inquiries on environmental initiatives

There are many benefits of sustainability on a commercial level, for example: reducing operating costs, waste, energy consumption and pollution, and injuries. You can refer to the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership website for more information on these benefits. If you would like to learn more about our environmental initiatives, we invite you to come tour our facility or feel free to Contact Us if you have any concerns or suggestions.