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Our Sustainability Policy

Sustainability for Clients & Employees

Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated is committed to operate and integrate environmental, health, and safety (EHS) matters into all business operations.

We commit to be in compliance with all applicable EHS and labour regulations. We will implement programs and procedures to assure ongoing compliance.

We will continuously seek opportunities beyond regulatory compliance, to incorporate pollution prevention and other activities to enhance our sustainability development. We will measure our progress and document ongoing efforts through reviews which will be conducted a minimum of twice a year and perform regular audits to ensure sustainable results.

We will strive to find ways to reduce our VOC emissions. We will minimize the amount and toxicity of waste generated and will ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste.

In order to diminish the impact Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated has on the environment, we aim to maintain a pollution reduction and active recycling program that focuses on source reduction, reuse, and measurement in our production and office environment.

We are committed to helping customers make sustainable material and design choices whenever possible.  An important part of this commitment is our willingness to communicate with our employees, vendors, and customers our position towards sustainability.

In our continuous pursuit to reduce our environmental footprint, we encourage all to communicate any concerns or suggestions that will help assist us.